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Things to Know About Tesla Cybertruck: Features, Pricing, and More

The Tesla Cybertruck is an innovative and groundbreaking electric pick-up truck that has reinvented the automotive market thanks to its futuristic styling, innovative technology, and unmissable performance. Since its initial launch in 2019, the Cybertruck has received a large amount of interest and sparked intrigue from Tesla fans and consumers alike. In this article we’ll be looking at everything you need to know about Tesla Cybertruck, from its unusual styling, to how much money you’ll need to get one, to the interior design, its abilities and performance, to the latest updates on the development and release of the vehicle.

Design and Exterior Features

The geometrical radically futuristic new Tesla Cybertruck is an aerodynamic stainless steel exoskeleton that makes it look like it falls right out of an alien-made apparatus or an impenetrable war tank. It is constructed with the ultra-hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel that can prevent it from dents, damage and corrosion, as well as contributes to its hard, masculine, and tough outer skin.

The other notable feature is the Cybertruck’s ‘bulletproof’ armoured glass, which was designed to withstand a huge number of impacts before cracking, as demonstrated in the original reveal when a metal ball was dropped on it by Tesla’s design chief. The innovation here helps to generate an additional facet that aligns with the vehicle’s indestructible aesthetic, while at the same time further emphasising the functional benefits of the large, flat sides. The large, flat sides also make the Cybertruck highly customisable for individual application and opportunity, going some way to addressing another kind of need that Tesla has omitted to explore so far. This is what is known as the expressive function of goods, whereby products ought to help the owner express themselves or convey their identity. Technological innovation design, especially in consumer electronics and car manufacturing, has not paid enough attention to this cultural function of consumption. Maybe this is about to change.

The Tesla Cybertruck, which was recently unveiled to the world, is another accessory with a similar minimalist design approach in mind. Smooth lines, lack of curvature: we’re yet to see something wilder! Minimalism is a core idea with Tesla and a way to reduce the number of parts, especially complex ones, allowing for cost reduction and manufacturing efficiency. Of course, the Cybertruck ended up looking iconic already, and its design is expected to become a leader and dictate the next generation of cars. An LED light bar across the length of the front and back assures you’ll see it coming.

Interior and Comfort

As innovative as the exterior, the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck is just as smartly-designed. Featuring a massive, spacious cabin for up to six passengers, the Cybertruck is both immensely practical and luxurious. An impressive, huge 17-inch touchscreen dominates the minimalist dashboard, maintaining control of most of the vehicle’s features, from navigation to climate control. The screen houses the Tesla infotainment system, and offers an extremely easy connection to online entertainment options.

The inside features high-tech materials and futuristic design elements. The seats are made of durable and sustainable leather, which is comfortable to touch yet easy to clean both for daily use and adventures into hard-to-reach areas. The futuristic feel of the Cybertruck continues with the yoke-shaped steering wheel, which mimics the design of aircraft steering wheels. Storage spaces under every seat and inside the large centre console provide enough space for every adventurous activity.

Panoramic glass roofThe interior provides a unique experience wherein the view to the sky is almost uninhibited.It brings a sense of openness to the interior, enables you to track stars while driving, especially over long distances, exhilarating your drive.It also guarantees optimal climate comfort all year round, regardless of the changing external weather conditions.Clients seeking an all-weather and all-season vehicle will buy this truck because of its advanced climate control systems.

Performance and Capabilities

The Tesla Cybertruck is designed to perform. Much like humans can perform a wide range of different feats and require a similarly wide range of fuel sources to do so, the vehicle comes in three powertrain options: single motor rear-wheel drive, dual motor all-wheel drive, and tri-motor all-wheel drive. The top triple motor model does 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, faster than most speed-focused sports cars. This puts the Cybertruck in a class of its own in terms of pickup truck performance.

It has impressive towing and payload capacity. The single motor model will tow up to 7,500 pounds, the dual motor up to 10,000 pounds, and the tri-motor up to 14,000 pounds. It will hold up to 3,500 pounds in payload. Think that’s good for a truck? Great. It’s perfect for hauling both construction materials and recreational vehicles.

For off-road aficionados, this truck will certainly be able to hold its own too. It will feature an adaptive air suspension system, which will change the ride height of the vehicle to get the best ground clearance to fit the terrain at hand. With a 16 degree approach angle and a 16 degree departure angle, the Cybertruck is able to get up steeper inclines or down steeper declines safely. The Cybertruck is also equipped with traction and stability controls, meaning that, off road, you are still safely in the control of your vehicle.

Technological Innovations

In addition to its techno-heavy design, the Tesla Cybertruck is packed with a wide array of new technologies that enhance function and user experience. The most noteworthy such feature is Tesla’s Autopilot system, a suite of advanced driver assistance technologies that use cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and information about the vehicle’s environment to enable features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance and automated parking. A suite of such features is not merely a collection of disparate automotive systems, because subtle (or not-so-subtle) interactions between these systems produce novel behaviour. Tesla has already shown a willingness to continue to expand the scope of Autopilot features even ahead of full self-driving functionality, with frequent software updates pushing the system closer and closer to that goal.

Second (and related), the Cybertruck is powered by a ‘48-volt electrical architecture’ (that is, using electricity at 48 volts, rather than the 12-volt systems commonly found in the vast majority of vehicles on the road). In electrical terms, this is very significant because running at a higher voltage permits the electrical wiring to be lighter and (assuming the wiring is unambitiously thick, like it is in many cars) thinner. The thinner the wiring, other factors being equal, the greater the efficiency. To add further lustre to the Cybertruck system, the battery pack is enormous, promising range of up to (estimated) more than 500 miles on a charge, depending on variant. That’s a great deal of range. Rehearsing some of the ideas already alluded to, the Cybertruck is a masterclass in optimised mechanical design.

To pair with the large, flat windshield of the Cybertruck, Tesla also developed a new windshield wiper system. Whereas traditional windshield wipers use a small blade that cleans the windshield in a back-and-forth motion with a continuously rotating wiper motor, Tesla opted to design a single large wiper blade that cleans the windshield in a single circuitous swipe, resembling an aggressive check mark. Not only is the jumbo-sized Tesla wiper more efficient than standard wipers, it also covers a greater area of the windshield in a single pass for optimal visibility. The Cybertruck is also at the cutting edge when it comes to infotainment. The interior offers multiple connectivity options, including a Wi-Fi antenna, Bluetooth integration, and USB ports that can connect to external multimedia players, transforming the vehicle into an entertainment center that’s ready for any road trip.

Pricing and Availability

It is priced with a wide audience in mind. The base single motor RWD model starts at $39,900. The Dual motor AWD is $49,000, and the tri motor AWD starts at $69,900. Compared to conventional pickup trucks, the Cyber truck has less conservative, more competitive benchmark.

Tesla has developed a method of reservation, allowing consumers to ‘hold your place in line’ to pre-order the Cybertruck via a refundable deposit. Tens of thousands of people and even celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson and Marquez Valentine have reserved the car. Since the unveiling, the company has received hundreds of thousands of reservations demonstrating a high interest for the Cybertruck and its innovative benefits. The company hopes to make the car available within a year; with the initial delivery date in the near future.

The device has a military-grade dust-resistance and is expected to be easily available through Tesla’s production facility in the state of Texas. According to Tesla’s manufacturing approach, it is built within a Gigafactory capable of producing high volumes of cars while staying true to a high quality standard. The location aims to lower production costs and minimise logistics expenses as well. As soon as this luxury object starts to be mass-produced, characterised by extensibility and diminishing production costs, Tesla plans to fill the pre-orders and make it available to other markets for international sales.

Latest News and Developments

The Tesla Cybertruck is still a hot topic, with regular news updates on its development and production timeline. Tesla has recently made several announcements for news about the Tesla Cybertruck, such as: 1. New details about its design and engineering: 2. Manufacturing updates and timeline plan. 3. Tesla has also put in a lot of effort to complete the specifications of the vehicle and test it before releasing it to the market.

Speaking of which, another notable update is the progress of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas, where the Cybertruck will be produced; here, the facility is being built at an extraordinary speed, with Tesla pouring capital on state-of-the-art machinery and facility infrastructure. In other words, Tesla is determined in every way to get the Cybertruck to market as soon as possible. Furthermore, intense testing of Cybertruck prototypes are ongoing to tune the finalised configuration’s performance and resiliency.

Second, there is almost certainly going to be some sort of upgrade to the final production model. Tesla is igniting vehicle improvements as time goes by. And when it comes to the Cybertruck, lots of things are going to be changed through software updates and, perhaps not just in software but also through the addition of some hardware. These could be better battery improvements, more sophisticated autonomous-driving capabilities, and so forth. Every time a new Tesla comes out, we see improvements. As we get closer and closer (hopefully) to the time when the Cybertruck launches, we are going to continuously see even more craziness because Tesla employees will be massively excited about this car. Of course, it is going to be a potentially huge seller for the company. It is still the No 1 most-anticipated vehicle from Tesla, period.


Just look at the Tesla Cybertruck. What you’re seeing is a brilliant new leap over decades of doldrum-conforming automotive evolution into a daring and pack-leading miracle of contemporary design, engineering, electronics, efficiency, responsiveness, practicality, affordability, ingenuity and sheer unconstrained stylistic execution. Such is the unconventional appearance of the Tesla Cybertruck that it warrants and boldly reflects a new and clearly superior class of automotive design and technology, including its form and fun-to-drive functionality as a pickup truck. The Cybertruck is the world’s first truly modern pickup truck. It actually mimics the modern look and feel of present-day trends and op-eds regarding human behaviour, biases and convenience. That’s it folks. That’s all there is to it. The Tesla Cybertruck, much like the Tesla Model 3 sedan, will become one of the most important automobiles of our time, its launch on the highways and byways marking, inexorably, irretrievably and with ultimate triumph, the genesis of the Electric Vehicle Age. You have been warned. Frank M Waltham, a consultant and author, is the founder & editor of Scapegrace Press online magazine.

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