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Summer Game Fest 2024: Highlights, Releases, and Exciting Announcements


For many gamers, Summer Game Fest is a highlight of the year a celebration of interactive entertainment that unites fans, developers and industry insiders in a global holiday for video games. With announcements for the hottest new titles of the year, a peek at game worlds that will shape the future and the return of blockbuster games and welcome surprises, August’s event delivers a live dose of gaming adrenaline to wide-eyed fans, youthful developers and curious onlookers alike.The show, a leading video games trade show-cum-expo-cum-coverage-rehashing, is a highlight of the gaming calendar and a homecoming for industry veterans. Year after year, for a duration of perhaps two minutes or three hours, game developers and their engineers, programmers, animators and transmedia intellectuals line up to show off a title, a glimpse, a handful of code that will blow your mind. This year’s event once again compiled the brightest and best in video games, with a lineup that ranged from the eagerly anticipated to new and inventive gaming technology.

Throughout this article, you’ll join us in experiencing the best of Summer Game Fest 2024 – dissecting every announcement, exploring the next-big-thing releases, and connecting the announcements that made 2024’s fest an instant classic. We’ll also look ahead to see what these reveals mean for the future of video games and their players. This year’s fest had some monster announcements – from the revelation that ‘Civ 7’ would actually have a release date this year to the surprise announcements of a couple of huge new games for 2024. Let’s get into the hype train of Summer Game Fest 2024 and see what the future of video games brings.

Major Announcements and Highlights

The 2024 edition of the Summer Game Fest has opened with a barrage of blockbuster reveal. The first moment of the twelve-hour opening ceremony was packed with major announcements, and dozens of trailer reveals and other inside-scoops from the currently notorious show. To start, the developers reveal “Civilization VII” (or Civ7), naming the new installment to the popular strategy game franchise. The teaser trailer starts with a monolith that prompts the player to evolve, while ominous glimpses of new gameplay suggest that there is more to the game than just settlements and tech trees. Meanwhile, the game developers reveal they will expand on the series with additional narratives and mechanics. Some of the large game studios also give their fans tasters for the new releases. The opening ceremony is about to pave the way for a year full of surprises, innovative gameplay and ‘benevolent’ AI narratives.

Another high point was the debut of ‘The Big Weekend Show’, a part of Summer Game Fest where we learned about indie games and developers. The show was packed full of small, creative studios who are doing exciting things with their games. From startlingly inventive virtual reality games to quirky, sometimes stark but charming and warm adventure games, this segment of the show showcased the beautiful creative variability of different types of games. Having a segment that really showed how indie developers are inventing genres and using their small-scale but creative projects to bring in new experiences to our industry to be enjoyed was genuinely refreshing. This segment gave me a sea of optimism for where games might go next.

Alongside news for upcoming games, Summer Game Fest 2024 featured multiple deep dives on the big titles coming to consoles next year. Among the unique content shown was a deep dive on a transparency-mechanics reimagining of the social deduction hit Among Us, in which players are able to partially look through walls and other obstacles to gain hidden insight on fellow players’ movements and actions. The deep dive included live gameplay for the new version and interviews with the developers, all leading to an inside look at a newly conceived title. Deep dives are the best Anticipation content there is, as they can reveal changes, brand-new mechanics and insights into the creative process.

The Big Weekend Show: A Platform for Indie Developers

The Big Weekend Show at Summer Game Fest 2024 showcased the work of some of indie games’ most fantastic small studios from around the world. This segment of the show was dedicated to highlighting a variety of smaller-scale projects, and providing interested members of the community with a glimpse into some of the next generation of games. The Big Weekend Show included both game trailers, developer interviews and live sessions of games being played, a mix of a lineup that provided its audience with a robust look into each of the titles being shown off. Arguably, the show featured many of the most creative titles showcased across Games Fest, showcasing projects that take these medium in a direction we’ve never imagined before.

One of the things that stands out in my memory of watching The Big Weekend Show, however, was a section where several different super-innovative indie games made a huge impression on me. There was a time-traveling adventure called Echoes of the Past, and a stylish cyberpunk platformer Neon Skies. This wasn’t about the huge-budget blockbusters that made big noises at trade shows. This was something else entirely. There was a geeky enthusiasm both from the developers and the presenters that made me want to read more about the games, and find out how the developers originally came up with their ideas. At one point, they even showed a clip of a team of three people working on their game: the programmer shooting around bits of code in 3D space, the sound designer tapping out tunes, the rest of the team excitedly watching over the screen. This made the games seem more human, something that was created by people like me (although hopefully a lot more talented), rather than a team of cogs turning inside some faceless corporation.

With the success of The Big Weekend Show, indie games are becoming more and more important in the gaming climate, which shows that if your game is good, people will eventually find you. Summer Game Fest 2024 created a much-needed space for independent projects, helped to make indie games more visible, and urged gamers to check out new and niche titles. The show also opened the gamers’ eyes and made them aware that great games come from all kinds of studios, small and big alike. This not only helps indie developers, but players benefit from it, too, because they now have many more games to try and enjoy.

Anticipated Releases and New Game Announcements

There were many exciting announcements for games that were finally coming out this year during Summer Game Fest 2024. The biggest of them all however, was the long-awaited announcement of Civilisation 7. Fans of the series have been speculating when the next game would be announced for years, and they weren’t disappointed this year. The trailer included shots of the improved graphics and strategy elements of the game, promising a new path for the franchise. The released date for Civ 7 was the newest addition to my growing collection of gaming consoles sitting on my desk.

Alongside Civ 7, there were some other major announcements too: an open world survival game called Frostfall set in a post-apocalyptic winter called up images of the ultimate survival challenge, as did Rimworld, which was also in the spotlight at the expo. There are so many rich, beautiful and exciting new game genres, and the tastes of players are both varying and getting very specific Both of these games promise to push players to their limits of grit and endurance. We were also treated to some new role-playing games, such as Starfire Chronicles, set in an open space whooshing around stars and asteroids fighting aliens.

There was much more to the line-up, however, than just a few big-budget titles – and that’s before we got to the dozens of new game announcements for almost every genre imaginable: from gritty shooters to cute puzzlers, intense action adventures, sci-fi strategy games and everything in between. New titles include the fantasy RPG Mystic Quest, described by one blogger as ‘a lighthearted adventure into a magical world with an emphasis on magic exploration’, and Solar Drift, a futuristic arcade racer offering ‘stunning visuals and innovative track design’. These titles and many more brought something new and different to the table, ensuring that there is something for everyone in 2024. The depth of this year’s announcements stand as testimony to the unrelenting pace of change in video games.

Developer Panels and Insights

Summer Game Fest 2024 wasn’t just about the game reveals and trailers though. Developer panels were also an integral part of the event. Some of the most exciting game announcements came with developer panels that discussed what inspired them, what difficulties they faced in creating the game, and what were the best practices they learnt during their experience. Many game developers were a part of these sessions that provided a behind-the-scenes look at the process of designing the most exciting upcoming games. From concept design to storytelling to the technical solutions adopted during development, developer panels covered it all. The sessions were from studios that ranged from major players in the industry to indie game developers, giving a perspective to everyone.

One of the very best panels was devoted to the creation of the ‘Among Us Transparent’ update and included the creators discussing their thinking behind the new transparency mechanics, the iterative process of developing from the original game, and provided detailed stories about the design process while also sharing the challenges and the responses from players that informed the creation of the update. For fans, this showcasing of the production journey showcased the labour and thought that goes into making a game, and demonstrated the collaboration between developers and players that creates a participatory community.

Another stand-out panel was the one featuring the design team for Civ 7. These folks broke down what changes and new features they were building into this newest instalment in the popular strategy series. They talked about what it meant to them to innovate while still taking what makes this series of games beloved and doubling down on those principles. They talked about improvements to the AI, new diplomatic options, as well as new complexities in how players built their cities. This wasn’t just about getting us excited for a game, it was about giving us a window into the complexities of creating a strategic game that could scale to the depths of a favourite series. It also allowed us to see the commitment that developers have to creating a quality product.

Technological Innovations and Trends

This was also the case at the Summer Game Fest 2024, which was not only used to offer a sneak peek at major upcoming gaming titles, but also to give an overview of the technological trends that are blurring the lines between real and virtual worlds and will shape the future of gaming. One such trend is the increasing role of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in gaming experiences. Several upcoming VR and AR titles were showcased at the event, showcasing the power of these technologies to create new immersive and interactive worlds reminiscent of nothing that had come before them. VR Horizon and AR Legends offered an unprecedented opportunity for anyone willing to put on a special capuchin and see through lenses to immerse themselves completely.

Another major theme of technological development covered at Summer Game Fest 2024 was artificial intelligence (AI) as applied to the development of games. AI is now being used to increase the fidelity of non-player characters (NPCs), enhance game environments, and personalise play experiences. The show included demonstrations of AI-assisted gameplay that illustrated the technology in action in AAA games such as Elysium AI, which showed NPCs with extremely complex behaviour in play mode, and reacting to moves that the player could make. This kind of development is enhancing realism, but it is also generating new avenues of possible story development and types of interaction with game agents.

It also emphasised the centrality of cross-platform play and cloud gaming to this shift, illustrating how these technologies are likely to reshape how people consume games in the near future. ‘GameStream’ services were highlighted in which gamers will be able to play games in decentHD quality, on a variety of devices, without much processing power. It is all set to further democratise gaming and remove the boundaries between different types of audiences. Gamers, content creators and analysts alike discussed the potential impact of these technologies at Summer Game Fest 2024 and demonstrated how the industry is likely to change over the coming years.

Community Engagement and Fan Reactions

Community engagement also seemed to be a key theme at Summer Game Fest 2024 as there was a host of opportunities for the audience to interact with developers, and it was encouraging to see the chance for fans of games, both established and new, to address the creators of their favourite games in live Q&As: nothing beats seeing reactions from your favourite game creators in real time. With most of our socialising now happening in a hybrid digital and real world, there were also live updates and discussions on digital channels, creating a close community feeling, even for those who could not attend in person.

These announcements and showcases were received enthusiastically and the outpouring of activity on social media shows how excited fans could be when their favourite franchises release new games. The crowd reaction for ‘Civ 7’ and its release date was reminiscent of a rock star entering the stage as everyone cheered loudly. Fans crowded around their screens, feverishly eager to get ready to play the game, and eager to speculate on the new features. The announcement for ‘Among Us Transparent’ also generated a buzz, as players joyfully speculated. The incredibly high temperature in this environment showcased the community spirit surrounding players and the zeal they bring to their favourite pastimes.

Through this participation, fans shared their reactions, from funny clips falsely announcing the launch of Velvet Glove to cosplays, homages, dynamic analysis videos and blog posts about the impending titles. This form of engagement is not only indicative of the persistence of an event’s effects after it has concluded, but also adds an important layer of creative participation to the genuine enthusiasm many fans feel surrounding games yet to come. Not only does the fan’s energy amplify the developer’s intent, the developer also amplifies the community’s interest. Both entities’ investments work towards making the industry more dynamic and supportive.


As with the last couple of Summers, Summer Game Fest 2024 has cemented itself as a must-attend event on the gaming calendar. This year was no exception. The biggest announcements included the ‘Civ 7’ release date, the new game ‘Among Us Transparent’, and demonstration of The Big Weekend Show, celebrating indie games, which all proved a great idea. Panels with developers discussing the future of gaming, showcasing the new technologies gaming will be using in the future, and an enthusiastic audience all made this year an exceptionally successful fest. Let’s look forward to the games coming out next year and the future of gaming.

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Louie Stark

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