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Claire Jensen

Claire Jensen

Claire Jensen is a renowned blogger and writer specializing in food, health, and travel. With a background in Nutrition and Food Science, she has built a loyal following through her engaging blog and social media presence. Claire shares nutritious recipes, wellness tips, and travel stories, emphasizing a balanced and joyful approach to living. Her work has been featured in top health and lifestyle magazines, and she has authored two best-selling cookbooks. Claire also conducts wellness workshops and cooking classes, inspiring her audience to embrace a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Travelling is such an amazing experience, getting to explore new places, cultures and cuisine. However, when most people travel, they forget one thing that is very important, their health. It can be hard to stay healthy when you are exposed…

The Benefits of Yoga for the Body and Mind

Introduction Yoga, an ancient physical and mental practice that was first developed in India, has become hugely popular all over the world for its numerous benefits to the body and mind. Traditionally, yoga has a wide variety of practices that…